5 Advantages of Invisalign Over Metal Braces

March 18, 2020

5 Advantages of Invisalign Over Metal Braces
If your parents didn’t opt for getting you braces as a child, have no fear! It’s not too late! Considering the origination of Invisalign, more and more adults are discovering the beautiful smile they have always desired and with much less of the embarrassment. Those days of smiling at your third-grade crush at lunch with PB&J stuck in your braces are over.

There are 5 significant advantages to going with Invisalign versus traditional metal braces. Let’s examine these benefits:

Invisalign Looks Much Better
No matter how you look at metal braces, they are quite unattractive. In contrast, clear aligners (Invisalign) are close to what their name alludes to, invisible. These invisible trays used to help straighten your teeth are made of a clear, custom-made thermoplastic material. As a result, people will hardly notice you have them on at all! Need to give a presentation on Friday? No problem!

Eat the Foods You Love
Hard candy, pretzels, popcorn, taffy, and bagels all make the list of foods to avoid with metal braces. With this in mind, you might as well opt out of every party for the next 2 years. However, with Invisalign, you can remove your aligners while you’re eating. Of course, it is important to note that we recommend limiting sugary foods for general wellness.  However, you can indulge now and then without the worry of causing damage to your metal brackets.

Invisalign is More Comfortable
Both traditional braces and Invisalign trays cause a certain amount of discomfort since your teeth are shifting. However, Invisalign trays exert less pressure, which makes them far more comfortable than metal braces.

Easier to Maintain Oral Hygiene
Sadly, people often have their metal braces removed only to find that their long-awaited, straight smile is thwarted by the looks of stained teeth where the brackets once were positioned. Even worse, they have cavities or gums that appear red or dark.

The truth is that it’s difficult to brush and floss around braces. It’s awkward to weave in and out of the tangle of wires to keep up with cleaning. It’s a sure recipe for disaster! By providing the ability to remove the aligners while you brush, floss, and even whiten your teeth, is a HUGE advantage of Invisalign that can’t be emphasized enough.

Fewer Sport Restrictions
Individuals who love to play sports (especially football, soccer, and baseball) will often avoid metal braces. Taking a ball or elbow to the mouth can certainly cause a significant amount of damage. With Invisalign, there is no sharp metal, so you can play worry-free. Score!

The Takeaway
If the appearance of metal braces has been holding you back from a straighter smile, Invisalign could be a great option. Give us a call today to set up a consultation and find out if Invisalign is right for you.

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